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Nov 28, 2005
Atl, GA
Well, it's time to setup another tank..
I've shopped around locally for a 72g bowfront predrilled w/stand and canopy from AGA and have found a low price of 750$ and a high price of 1600$ (!!!).

Anyone out there in internet land have a link to a trusted/reliable site that sells AGA bowfronts with reasonable prices that will ship the thing to me?

I can't seem to find many places that will ship the thing :/
ive tried looking online, but most wont ship. you could try and search in your area from there. hth.
it really depends on the market , at a lfs they have a 125g for 220 and the stand for 150 so it really depends on what area of the country your in
Tank prices are VERY regional and you can have the tank of a price as much as twice to three times as high as other areas due to supply/demand and shipping costs.

Your best bet would be to see where tanks are fairly cheap and rent a truck if you dont already have a truck and drive to buy it there. Even if you drove four or five hours each way you can probably end up saving a bunch vs local prices.
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