Reliving my dads hobby :D

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Jun 16, 2015
When I was younger my dad owned I would assume now a 55 gallon tank that we used for various fishes, sharks were his favorite. Eventually he got ocars and a giant catfish that lasted many years! After they passed we just stopped having fish. Many years later I find myself at 25 purchasing a 150 gallon tank and doing extensive research to take care of fish that I would soon love! I decided to go with 2 plecos and a butterfly koi! Over the next year I plan to build a pond from scratch but for now I think I have a suitable environment starting. I'm glad to join a community full of fish lovers! If you have any tips please share them! Some items Ive gotten were a 200 G Filter and a 150 G Air pump. Can't wait to see some set ups you all have!
Welcome L.Joshua. Nothing beats following dad's hobby. That's sweet! Sounds like you've a good start with a 150g tank. I love big tanks. My biggest tank is around 3000 gallons! It called a pond ;). I have been keeping koi for 20+ years now. But time has come to fill it up with dirt. Partly due to the drought in Southern CA. Will talk soon!

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