rena filstar xp3

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Cichlid Kid

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Jan 23, 2012
What gallon aquarium would the xp3 filter efficiently? I have a slightly overstocked 55gal. Rift lake biotope that i want to upgrade the filtration on. Also how reliable are the xp3's? Would it be a wise investment?
I love the Rena XP filters too. Dead silent, very easy to service and high flow rates. I don't have any complaints about them
I have 9 Rena XP's ranging from XP2 to XP 4. I have had some of them for 10yrs +. Only thing I have replaced is the impeller in one of them. They are super easy to clean, no priming on restart. They hold a lot of media also. I like them alot, and feel they are a quality filter.
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