Rena FilstarXP Leak Problem

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May 2, 2009

I need some help with my Rena Filstar XP. I have a leak after changing the media. It leaks from one of the clamps on the side. It has developed a dripping leak and I have changed the seal for the canister to the head. This didn't fix the problem. I drips exactly from the same clamp on the side. Any thoughts?

Did you try putting some vaseline on the seal ring?
Is there anything caught under the seal?
Chipped canister?
There are no chips, I didn't try vaseline. You think that will work?
I had a problem with one of my Rena xp filters once and I found a lot of help by calling C.S. at Planet Rena. They have a website This site sells replacement parts but they were very helpful when I called.
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