Rena XP3 Not Working!

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Apr 2, 2005
Today I decided to give my filter a good cleaning. I unhooked everything as I normally do, cleaned it all as I normally do, hooked it back up as I normally do, but when I push the Quick Disconnect Valve down it won't fill up. I've tried everything from deep cleaning, replacing the hoses, etc. it just won't work! It was working fine before I unhooked it. I really don't want to buy a new filter now with the holidays right around the corner, but of course I will if needed. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem may be?
Nevermind... I'm a complete idiot! I went back in my head and took everything step by step and was able to figure out what I did wrong. In my frustration, I forgot to fill the the intake tube before pushing the disconnect valve down. I just did and it appears to be working fine now.

I do have a question though, the outflow regulator broke and I can't find anyone who offers them as a replacement part. I'm guessing because it's old and has a new replacement. Does anyone know what other part can be used for this? There's to much of a current coming through now for some of my fish.

haha, it's always something simple, isn't it?

I think this site has teh part you're looking for, but just FYI I never run the regulators. Instead, I ordered a spare spray bar and hooked 2 together to lower the velocity of it. This way I get the full benefit of the filter without limiting it. Just a thought.
I've got two Rena's but they don't have regulaters at all.
You could put an in-line ball valve on and close it to suit.
I would suggest the white plastic type available at the big box stores.
Neilanh - Thanks for the link. I just placed an order for the outflow regulator, spraybar, and a couple other parts. I never thought to connect 2 spraybars so I'm going to give that a shot before I do try the regulator. At least now I have a couple of options!

Ruadh - Thanks for your input as well. :)
For connecting the spraybars. There's a plastic endcap on the spraybar. It takes alittle effort, but it will slide off, it's not glued or anything, then the 2 spraybars will fit right together. If you wish, you can also use one of the blue intake section pieces to seperate them if you want more length. All of these fit together without any modification, gluing, etc. I have my 46 gallon tank setup like that with a blue intake piece between 2 spraybars.
When I first set up my 75 with an XP3 I nearly brought myself to tears because it wouldn't start.

Come to find out, you have to have WATER IN THE TANK to, you know, have it go into the filter.

So don't feel too bad. :)
I am restarting my 100 G F/W and just bought a Rena XP 4 This is the first Rena filter i have owned and have yet to take it out of the box. Any tips on setting up and running these filters ?
Make sure it gets set up in a spot where you can reach it easily. I outsmarted myself on one by hiding it too well. Now when I want to clean it I have trouble getting it out in the open to do the work. It will be quite heavy when full of water so easy access is a must.
thanks, it will go inside my cabinet stand underneath and i am deciding on inlet/outlet positions. the tank is 5 ft. long ( 100 Gallon Plexi. and i want to put the intake on 1 side next to my heater and the outflow on the opposite end and direct the water to the intake/heater side if the hoses will fit. it will mean placing the filter in the center between the doors which will be awkward but i am trying to keep both hoses the same length. I would like to be able to put it on one side to make it easy to get to but we will see. ANOTHER QUESTION, I am deciding on which method i want to use regarding jet nozzle OR spray bar. How good does the spray bar work ?
I haven't tried the nozzle spray, but I can say that the spray bar on my filter works perfectly - to perfectly! It's producing to much of a current for my fish! There is an outflow regulator that you can use to adjust it, but mine's broken. I'll be taking Nielanh's advice on connecting 2 spray bars together. I think my fish will be much happier with that!
How big is your tank & how deep did you end up running the outlow ? top or lower down ? my tank is 100 gal. and is 5 feet long.
You can easily offset the filter toward one end or the other of the stand and not worry about keeping the hoses the same length. Given the choice I would make the inlet shorter than the return hose. the inlet relies completely on gravity while the return has the impeller to push the flow through it. I find the spray bar a very nice gentle flow that can be easily directed upward or downward as desired to promote the best flow patterns.
My package showed up in the mail today with the extra spray bar and outflow regulator. I decided to try to the 2 spray bar combo first and so far it's looking very good. I can tell it's not a powerful outflow anymore, more of an even stream across about a third of the tank. My smaller fish (Tiger Barbs) appear to be cruising around a bit more. I think they're enjoying not being pushed back by the current! :) Thanks again for this suggestion!
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