replacing cooling fans

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Feb 4, 2004
Roscoe, IL
okay, i have a jebo/odyssea 130 compact florescent. its fairly recent, maybe a year (i think thats recent) and it came with moon lights.

i took it apart today because the fans were making alot of noise.. i found out that it was only 1 of the fans. so its sitting on the floor all apart and i have one of the fans sitting next to me. i was thinking. since im going to replace the fan, i might as well get a better fan, and replace both of them.

my problem, i dont know what kind of fan to get (i think there were some like ball ?bering? fans? or something like that?

and i barely got it out. the rubber things that held it to the plastic grate were pretty tough to get out, so it'll be even harder to get them back in. is there some trick to doing this?

:edit: i read something about putting oil on it, and it helped 1 of the noises it was making. but the 2nd noise sounds like its rubbing against something. similar to a more, crackly bike. when you stop pedaling and your going down a hill you get the "noise"
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