Repurpose Jellyfish Tank

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Jan 14, 2014
I have this tank I got from a mostly failed Kickstarter. I’ve never housed jellyfish in it because I’m not very confident it wouldn’t kill them because the sprayer bar creates this weird back suction that would likely suck in tentacles. While cycling the tank, I watched brine shrimp get sucked into the sprayer bar. I can keep brine shrimp alive in it if I turn the flow rate way down on the pump but in the end, they all usually succumb to the sprayer bar or filter. So I’ve been watching this empty, somewhat cycled saltwater tank for months and I’m not sure what I could house in it and have them thrive. I’m not very experienced in saltwater or nano tanks so that’s why I’m here, to ask what you would do with this poorly designed mess? It’s 5 gallons. About 3.75-4 gallons visible in the circle part and the rest is segmented and not visible in the filter/pump box.

Well, there isn't any sand or rock in the system so there isn't anywhere for the beneficial bacteria to establish itself to 'cycle' the tank.
What is it you are wanting to do with it? I seem to remember seeing this kickstarter go around.
There are some bio balls and a few thin sponges the water passes through in the box where the pump is. So there’s place for bacteria to cycle the tank and it is lightly cycled. I couldn’t ever get enough brine shrimp in there to stay alive to have a heavy ammonia load for a large bacterial colony. But I guess I’m just looking for advice on what life forms could be happy in a tank like this without a substrate or if there is any substrate that would work ok with the circular current. I doubt any kind of fish, too small I think. Shrimp? Crabs? Something that is strong enough to fight the current and not get sucked into the filter or sprayer bar. Too small for coral? I dunno. I’m looking for any ideas.
Oh you could easily put a nano fish in there or have a shrimp in there. I have seen some creative concepts for nano coral tanks, but never any long term follow up to personally suggest the idea other than saying that they do exist.
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