Retrofit Kits for lighting

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May 10, 2009
Oakland, California
I have had my 135 gal glass tank for many years. It came with a 48" 40w flourescent tube light in a 72" narrow light hood. This fixture is shot. I found many burn marks in the plastic. I have been looking at new lighting and am appalled at the pricing (some of the prices being just short of the down payment on a new truck). Has anyone used one of the retrofit kits? I have been looking at the Sunpaq retrofit kits but I am not sure the dual daylight lamps will fit. I want plant this tank heavily, so the old 40w isn't very good for that in any case.
there are some cheap places to get t5ho if thats what your looking for. i have used the ahsupply retro fit not too hard. once you figure out what the wires are. i would messure how wide the fixture you have is now then look to see how wide the sunpaq is.

T5-HO Light
Catalina Aquarium Solar T5
forgot to say if you call them they will switch the bulbs out to what ever you want.
I have a retro fit kit with VHO bulbs

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