return pump power

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From what has been described in this thread I think the Mag 9.5 will work perfectly.

BTW the Mag series of pumps by danner are awesome pumps. I own 2 myself. I use one submerged and the other inline. They are great reliable pumps.
Just wanted to say that I`m glad you are using the Mag pumps. They are excellent pumps and IMO the best. I have a Mag 12 and a mag 9.5 on my returns. They are great.
Thanks everyone for the help and added comments to give me the confidence that I'm doing my research correctly.

Just want to make sure I do everything correctly the first time to avoid unneccesary expenses/upgrades or mishaps. :p

(now if someone can answer my lighting questions... lol)

Thanks agian!!!
There's no way you can do EVERYTHING correctly the first time. You are on the path of minimizing the problems though :D
Also your return line will affect your flow rating.

The Mag pump has a 1/2" male fitting I started by adding 1/2" hard PVC pipe that adapted to a small vinyl tubing section that adapted to A flow director that had a slip on connector. I learned the hard PVC was restricting my flow because of the hard elbows. So I changed it to 3/4" vinyl tubing (you may want to do 1") So I have a piece that adapts the 1/2" pump thread to 3/4" vinyl tubing then at the top of the tank I have the vinyl tubing attached to Locline plumbing flow director setup that I ordered online. My flow increased dramatically. there is a photo on this thread.

So the mag nozzle is a 1/2", that means i need to find somthing that converts the 1/2" to a 1"

Then connect the flexible 1" tube and bring it up to my tank.

Then find a Y splitter that splits the 1" into two

How come all the Loc Y Splitters are biggest is 3/4"? Where can i find one that is 1" that will split to either two 1" or two 1/2"...?

I dont want to use a T because it will restrict my return flow...

Please advise...
Since I couldn't get Locline plumbing locally I had the people that built my sump put together a return line package for me it was like 35dollars much more expensive than just buying it myself but I didn't have to worry about putting the idea together they did it for me. I just told them what I specifically wanted and that I wanted to connect the Mag7 to vinyl tubing to connect to a locline plumbing setup then flow to my tank. dope aquarium stuff If your return into your tank is smaller than your return line its ok because it will give added pressure mine goes 1/2" mag7 3/4" vinyl tubing 3/4" locline 1/2" locline
So i went to the loc-line site and the biggest size they have is 3/4"

So i gotta put

somthing on the mag output that will convert it to 1"
put on the 1" flex tube that runs 4feet up to the tank
then put on a 1" to 3/4" reducer
then put on the 3/4" to loc-line converter
then put on a 3/4" Y
then on each end put the 3/4" loc-line pointing back into my tank.

Each color reflects the part on the diagram

ImageShack - Hosting :: returnfz8.jpg

Im wondering if I should just make the whole return 3/4" since at the tips it will be 3/4".

But i want 1", if the 4feet of 1" tube doesnt change the flowrate cuz the end of the tube is 3/4" then ill just make the whole thing 3/4".

any thoughts?
Your effective rate is determined by your smallest connector. You can put a 10"-er on there but if you have a 3/4 on each end... well......
That means that the final amount of flow you get from your pump is going to be determined by the smallest input and output in the plumbing you use....3/4" = less then 600gph.
is there a suggested area around the pump that would make have optimal performance. I want to make the area in my sump as small as possible without affecting the pumps performance.

Like maybe 2 inches around the pump and 10 inches high...
now that i got my skimmer i wanna finish the baffles on my sump.

Can anyone answer the previous question?
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