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Mar 5, 2008
Staten Island, NY
I have a 30 gallon with sump (10-15 gallon?). I need to increase the flow in my tank because the return pump is very weak - the one that came with the filter.

I was wondering what i could get away with because the tank will have to have a balance between overflow and return, correct? I am new but this seems logical i cant just put in the biggest pump i can or it will mess up the level of water.

Can anyone advise/help me out to understand this.. What is the best flowing return pump (and quiet would be awesome) i can get away with with that setup. The drain pipe is like 1" wide
Danner pumps are very reliable and have good reviews. I own two a Mag5 and a Mag7. They can be used submerged or inline. Look for them online you will save money over buying them at an LFS.
IMO mag pumps are the best. I have the mag 9.5 and mag 12 and they are reliable and quiet.
I agree with Cmor. If you don't need a new return pump then pick up a koralia they do a great job of adding flow and they use very little power.

If you do need a new return pump you will do well to get the Danner Mag pump.
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