Ricordia Color Variants

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Jarred Darque

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Mar 24, 2006
OK, I do not have any pics, nor can I get any that show ANY detail

I have some common green ricordia, reddish-purple base, green tip mushroom, kinda like a very short tentacled anenome (have heard it refereanced as a type of disc anemone actually)

Anyways, I have a rock of the green ricordia, about 7 or 8 individual specimens from 1/4 inch to 1.5 inch across (gorgeous looking piece BTW)

A piece of live rock I got a little while back had what I thought was a polyp on it, but upon closer examination, it looks exactly the same structure as my green ricordia, except the color. This guy has a whitish/pink disc and pinkish/red tips, has the mouth the same 'stalk' I gues I would call it as the ricordia. Now, nowhere have I found this color variant for sale, so I am wondering if all it is is just a color variant of ricordia?


for referance
They do come in pink but of all I have seen they are a dark pink .There are shades that look almost peach in color . Sounds like a nice find !! A pic would help to be sure that what you are seeing is a ric/yuma
I would live to, but the only camera I have access to isnt mine, hte scren is broke, so I dont know what I am taking a picture of..and I dont know how to use it for taking good close-ups, especially in a tank filled with water..
Those are some of my favorite corals.


My LFS sells the blue/green variety for $15-20/polyp and the pink/orange varieties for $30/polyp.
I have a beautiful one in my tank that has purple fringe on the outside edge, a pink/orange body disk, and a bright green mouth in the center.
I'm slowly working up the courage to propagate it with a razor... :crazyeyes:

The one variety I'd really like to get, which I can't find anywhere, is a dark blue "blueberry" ricordia.
The only time I've seen them is on ebay auctions and they've always been bid up way too high for my liking ($150+).
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