RO bottled water?

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Oct 9, 2013
Fort Myers, FL
Do I need DI water? Can I I fill up a 5 gallon jug from the machine? If I mix salt with it can i store it in the container for a extended period of time? (One or two weeks in between water changes)
If you're planning on going reef later on down the road, I'd recommend getting RODI. RO membranes filter approximately 95%-98% of contaminants from the water, and DI resin removes the remainder. The problem with this is you don't know what is in that 2% to 5% that makes it through the membrane, and many of those nasties can slowly accumulate in the pores of your live rock, eventually creating a high enough concentration that can be detrimental to your system.

To your second question, yes, you can pre-mix saltwater & store it, but it will need to be brought up to temp prior to use. If you're mixing small quantities, you're better off just mixing it the night before with a small heater & powerhead so it's ready the following day.
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