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I dont know thw color scheme on yours but one of the lines is the infeed and the other is the wastev water and the other is your usable water. jUST FIND OUT ON DIRECTIONS WHICH IS WHICH. Sorry about the caps
the directions are not very good, and i guess im not understanding them either. it came with 3 tubes and a bunch of hardware, but i dont even know how to hook them up under the sink. i would take a pic, but the pic size is too big to post and i dont know how to make them smaller. ive tried with the software i have on pc, but it doesnt seem to work.
i have hooked up all of the tubes and need a drill from there. ive emailed the ebay seller to see if they could help, if not, then i guess im going to have fun seeing if someone will come and install it for me. even my other half tried and he didnt understand either. the guys directions said to call an appliance man. ive got a friend coming tomorrow to see if he can do it. i think i have the basics now, but still confused a bit. i think my "sink" is too old.
Was this the directions?
I just ordered a filter from them. The instructions were confusing. The instructions also say to call an appliance man. I purchased a faucet adapter, because that is how I wanted to hook it up. After reading directions I would never be able to figure out any other way to hook it up.
yep thats them, thank goodness im not the only one. i was starting to think i was a complete idiot. they are so confusing.
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