RO DI set up help please

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Feb 7, 2005
New Orleans
just recieved my Typhoon III RO DI unit. This is my first RO DI, and I am stoked!!!

However, I would like to hook it up directly to a faucet in my upstairs bathroom, (just because that bathroom never gets used) but it did not come with an adapter. I am werry about ordering on off of the net because I do not want to get it in, and have it not fit the faucet.

We are in a rental townhouse.

I am thinking of buying a hose adapter for it, and leaving it outside. It would have to be outside, because this is the only place that I have a hose.

If I go the route to leave it outside, I am planning on buying a "Y" adapter so that I can leave it connected along with my garden hose. I will also buy a small rubber maid container, drill a hole in it to run the hose to the RO DI unit (which will be kept in the rubber maid) and seal it with siclon. I will do that to keep dirt, bugs, etc off the RO DI unit.

A big question that I have is can the RO DI unit be left off? If so, do I need to let it run for awhile again when I am ready to use it to make sure it gets a "good start" with the filtration?

Any other tips, suggestions would be great as I am getting anxious to stop buying water from the LFS.

Thank you!!!!!!
I think you should just attach it to the cold water copper pipe on the sink you mentioned. The outside deal sounds complicated and not all that ideal.

I've attached a site and a picture of the the part you need, it's standard for all RO units so it'll fit.


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