RO membrane worn out?

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Mar 14, 2006
I noticed this morning that even though I'm not using any water from my RO/DI, that the RO waste line is putting out non-stop water to the drain.

I'm guessing this means the membrane is worn out or plugged? Obviously it's not putting enough clean water out to trigger the pressure switch that shuts of the input to it.

My system doesn't have a "flush" mechanism - can I just hook up a water source to one of the outputs for awhile to flush it, and try to get some more life out of the membrane?
How long have you had this RO/DI unit? What is the TDS of your water before it gets to the RO? RO membranes should last a fairly long time. Keeping the prefilters changed will ensure the life of your RO membrane.
A little over a year.

The TDS was around 350-400. After, less than 10, typically.
The membrane should be good for 2 - 3 years at a minimum. Your before and after tds is right on target.

Did the troubleshooting guide help?
If not, call filtersdirect and speak to them about it, or email them.
Yeah...have you checked your TDS since the new issue? I'd be curious to know what is going on there...I've had my RO for 2.5 years now and it's doing great. I change the other filters every 9 months or so. I'm lucky I have very good water before it ever gets to the filters.
My batteries are actually dead in my TDS meter - going to get new ones today.

I flushed the RO, put it all back together after replacing a couple of the cartidges, it seems much better now.

Thanks all!
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