Rock beauty angelfish

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Feb 26, 2016
I was wanting to know how long should I keep my rock beauty angelfish in quarantine, She's been in there since Tuesday and is doing well so far, She eats everything (rods frozen entries , Omega one pellets w/garlic, Nls algae max pellets, omega one flakes, and of course brine and mysis shrimp.) and is very active. I've read so many horror stories about this fish , That I wanna make sure I'm doing everything right all the way up to releasing it in the display tank. And should I remove my other fish before adding be in?I read that they should be introduced first. If so I only have 3 fish to remove Niger triggerfish, (he ate my domino damsels but is very peaceful with the others) Yellow tang, (mildly aggressive towards my trigger but doesn't bother the coral beauty) and coral beauty angel (that is so layer back doesn't bother anything may pick the algae growing on my snails and crab shells that's it, he doesn't even bother my candy cane coral) please somebody who has experience with this fish Please chime in.
usually it is best to keep a new critter in quarantine for at least 2 weeks so that any juvenile parasites that may be present have a chance to develop and start their life cycle.

for example ich's life cycle is about 10 days-2 weeks if conditions are good for them to reproduce and as long as 30 days if conditions are not right. Conditions in our tanks are perfect for ich.
So any that are lodged in the gills will not be known by you until they complete their life cycle and release offspring into the tank, Only then will you actually see any signs of ich, after it re-infests and attaches to the body of the fish.

2 weeks should be the minimum for quarantine.
Does anyone have one of these fish, If so how difficult are they? And if you could give me some insight on how they do now in the home aquarium as of this era, because everything I've been reading on them is old stuff.
there is a possibility that once you add the rock beauty he may fight with the coral beauty,
another thing you may want to know the rock beauty loves to snack on about all soft coral,
he also may snack on snails and hermits , cleaner shrimp can be a easy lunch .
they are also considered not reef safe, beautiful fish but will destroy a reef , you can get by with one that is a juvenile that is under 3 inch ,
once they hit the 3 inch range there demeanor will start to change ,
getting more aggressive along with aiming his attention on corals and rearranging rocks and picking on tank mates.
the rock beauty I had was a nice fish at the start , once he started getting big he changed from model citizen to a holly terror ,
I thought my clowns were bad moving rocks till my rock beauty made them look like angels ,
rock beauty's can move some fairly big rocks that can break glass so caution needs to be taken to keep bigger rocks towards the bottom ,
I finally traded him in for three basslets for my predator tank ,
they also require a tank of at-least 100g+
before you buy any fish it is best to do research first that way you know there habits and demeanor .
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