Round white worms?

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Jan 15, 2014
My tanks almost brand new; just finished it's cycle a week ago.

It has base rock, and 1 3 pound piece of live rock (I was just hoping for hitchhikers). 120 gallons, with about a 30 gallon sump.

I found some tiny white worms (maybe not worms) in my sump. There a perfect spiral. What are these? Haven't found them in my DT but my tang probably ate them, he always kisses the glass.

Sorry. Can't get a picture. There waaay to tiny.
Usually those are snails eggs from what I've read. Odd to happen so fast in a brand new tank. If you bought it used, they may have come with the tank.
The tank was used, but had sat empty for about 3 months. So I don't think they'd be able to survive? I don't have any snails. I bought a 3 pound piece of live rock (but still haven't found and snails...) and some live sand (but was under the impression it was more like dead sand haha, it was just the same price).
You'd be surprised how long some things can last. Keep an eye on them and watch if you have a bunch of snails for your clean up crew. May be pods too. They shouldn't hurt anything, so just clean the glass if you don't want to see them.
There just in the sump so I don't really care. Most of them are gone, or at least not on the front glass. I can see some behind my skimmer. Just didn't want it to be something bad.
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