Royal Gramma vs Magenta Dottyback

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Mar 25, 2004
I have a magenta dottyback in my 10G nano, who was very well behaved up until I added what was meant to be my final fish - an orange firefish.

But, the dottyback decided he didn't like him, and made his life hell for the short time he was in my tank, ripping his fins, taking chunks out of him, it was awful :( I guess he just thought he looked like him, similar shape/size. I turned the lights off, intending to take the firefish back the next day, but sadly he'd jumped out of a TINY hole in my lid during the night (now fixed). It was a very sad couple of days.

I really love the firefish, and I'm now considering trading in the dottyback at some point, for a Royal Gramma, and getting a firefish again.

My question is: Will the Gramma also become aggressive towards the firefish?
I think so, a 10g is to small for the two species to interact safely. They just look to much alike in to small a space.
I would recomend the gramma though, beautiful fish.
Aww :( OK. My clown didn't bother the firefish, and neither bother my yellow clown goby, but I guess that's because they're so different.

It's just that on LiveAquaria, it says the dottyback may act aggressive towards other fish of similar size/shape, and it doesn't mention this for the gramma, only "its own species".

What if I was to add the Gramma as the last fish, a week or more after the firefish?
Adding the gramma last would help, but not guarantee the lack of aggression. In a larger space with lots of hiding room it would not be a problem. In the confines of a 10g I'm not sure there is enough hiding space for the long term.
Well I don't want to risk another firefish being bullied! I'll just get the green goby for now, and call it a day I think.

If anything happens to the dottyback, I'll get a firefish then maybe :)
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