Ruby Red Dragonette, Juvi Blue Face Angel and White Tail Tang (almost)

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May 26, 2012
Palm Springs, CA
Went to my old stompin' grounds in Orange County this weekend. Went to one of the LFS I used to go to all the time and they had. "White tail tang" written on one of the tanks for. $129. They sold it earlier that day! So close!

I ended up getting a juvenile Blue Face Angel for the 240g and a Ruby Red Dragonette for the 60 g cube. They had Harlequin Tusks for $50, but I want an Aussie and these were not, so I passed.

They had big Black Tangs too. Wife loved it until I told her they were $700. :).

Here is the Ruby Red . I put her straight into the tank, no QT. Angel is in QT, so will try to get a picture once it settles in.
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