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Jan 6, 2011
Do I need to be running a filter for my 75 gallon? I have about 75 pounds of live rock. I just hate the flow and bubbles it causes. I dot have a skimmer yet but I will be getting one very soon. The filter I have is a aquaclear 110
you can get away without a filter as long as you do weekly water changes but my tank is also a 75 gal and it came alive after i put in a sump and refugium. it is 200 to 300 dollars well spent.
Can I put live rock and some microalgae in the filter will that change the flow? And have a skimmer?
you don't need the aquaclear, but you do need good flow in the display. invest in a couple/few power heads to increase flow without adding bubbles. you will need to remove excess nutrients some how though. like Xsmoker said, water changes are important here.
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