Safe metals in freshwater tanks.

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you can dip metals in the stuff used to coat tool handles.. its a vinal If Im not mistaking.. its used quite a bit by SW aquarist to keep lower grade SS parts from rusting..
Jpox.. Ive recently read bout SW coral gardens that dont get fed because PVC leaches P and the N and C come form the air. heck I saw pics of the eggcrate turning green after a few months in the areas the coral were not close to them.. and the guy wasnt feeding them anything.. :p (he seemed to think bacteria was very prevelent and much more nutrious then anything he could feed and was getting Exellent growth out of the system).. perfesionals make me sick.. LOL JK
btw.. Im going to use PVC.. I consider it fine for any system.. the fact that it might leach something is trivial IMO mainly because I feel it would have VERY little of an impact on the system.. it was a joke.. sorry I might have worried you or anyone else reading.. :?
I can't believe anyone actually said it was.
Every metal corrodes in a matter of time, oxides form on the surface and will poison your fish and entire aquarium. It's just a matter of how long it takes.

Note: Oxygen also sets off corrosion, add a minute electrical current from a powerhead or whatever and watch the oxides form.

Stainless steel is the worst, it takes longer to corrode but the effect is five times worse then any others, it lodges into your system and does not dissolve, it just keeps rotting.

Mild steel is better it DOES dissolve through the system eventually but still causes serious harm.

Aluminium is more dangerous in the fumes it emmits from the corrosion. It will be like running a diy c02 with the poisonous gases into your system.

I am a qualified metal engineer, corrosion is a part of the process.
I shudder everytime someone says they screwed a piece of driftwood down with stainless screws. IT WILL KILL YOUR FISH AND POLLUTE YOUR WATER.
Do not say you weren't warned.


Hello Matt. What about titanium? I was under the impression that it was safe to use in marine applications, but although I've got decades of extensive fabrication experience under my belt, I'm no expert on materials.
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