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May 17, 2005

I was wondering if there was anyway to see if a stand was safe to support the weight of my aquarium? It's only my 20g one, measuring about 50cm (L) x 34cm (W) x 42cm (H), to be placed on a 70cm (L) x 40cm (W) top. The stand is about 75cm tall.

Is there anyway to check, short of getting in a builder, etc to see if it is ok? eg looking at the thickness of the wood, etc

If it's manufactured I would contact the maker and see if they can tell you. A 20 gallon tank will end up around 175lb. Different woods have different load capacities and a lot of that is determined by how the peices are joined and what with. If it's not manufactured, give a little more info here and I'm sure someone can tell you.
I think it was made by someone ages ago but I would have no chance of recalling who.

I'll try and describe how the parts seem to have been joined together.

All wood pieces are 1.6cm thick. Sorry, can't identify the type.

They are connect via screws, and it appears there are 2 horizontal, 6.1cm wide, pieces connected to the 2 sides, with the top being screwed onto the 2 horizontal pieces. A graphical explanation would sort of look like this.

| -----|--------|------ | <-- horizontal piece x 2 (one at each end)
|<<<<HERE>>>> .|
The main thing is the type of wood.
Amazing how much they can hold though.

I have a pine stand that hold my tank and it weighs over 600Kg.
The stand only weighs about 20Kg.
Sounds like it should be alright. But I am by no means an authority on the subject... :) Most manufactured stands are just 1/2" particle board assembled by glued tongue and groove. Just make sure the joints are all solid and you don't have any lateral movement.
does appear to be particle board.

Looks like everything is decently screwed into place. Haha, I'm around that weight. I suppose I could have a go standing on the stand and seeing if it will hold. lol

Though based on the fact that it is that weight across the top, I think it should be sturdy enough.
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