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Looking to add fish and corals. Does the salt matter? I see "Sea Salt" & Reef Salt" (same company).
Depending on the brand, some companies add extra calcium and other minerals to " reef salt" that help the corals grow vs regular sea salt that the fish can do just fine with. If you are adding stony corals, I would use the reef salt. (y)
I’ve found buy the salt that mixes with the DKH closest to what you maintain your tank at, once your corals start consuming alk/cal. A lot of the coral intended salts have a higher DKH while others have a lower DKH. I maintain my tank around 9.00dkh and the salt I used mixes around 9.00-9.3dkh, so I don’t have any significant jumps in parameters after a water change. So it doesn’t really matter per se, just depends on how you want to maintain your reef, and if you’re dosing, doing frequent water changes, etc. Also keep in mind you can always start with one salt, and switch to a more potent salt as your tank’s needs dictate.
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