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I think they kept their water level in the tank at about 2". "Big Grin"

Well don't tell mine that. He's probably close to 3 years old. Last thing he needs is someone telling him he's unhappy. I can't afford the shrink bills.
Well it seems that all of the "Mentors" and expert advice addicts didn't appreciate My questions. I will allthough I should not need to apologize for my inadaquicy's. I am not a equipment type person. However I want to do what is best for my tank and the hobby which I have grown to throughly enjoy. I have not enjoyed the wise crack about my anemones, or my inexperience. In my opinion... on your home page you say you want to make aa #1, well you have a long way to go. It is the new people that will build your community and refer new people, but only if they are treated with dignity and respect. However I will say that throughout all the teasing, and humiliation I did manage to pull some information out that was use full. I have found a power compact system that is 48" it is 260 watts. Has 2 daylight bulbs that are 12,000K, 2 actnic bulbs, and 4 moonglow led lights. Three switches to control the differant lights and three power cords to be able to set up with individual timers if desired. Also has a cooling fan and the mounting backet. I think I was able to find something that had the wattage and the intensity, and the correct combination od lighting that I am looking for. It was $120.00 including shipping. It is brand new and comes with a garrentee. I hope this is acceptable as it should arrive in a few days. Yea save the anemones!
It's your tank Melissa. You asked for advice and looking back thru the thread it appears that's what you got. It's yours (free of charge, no strings attached, not trying to sell you anything or make a profit) to take or discard.

At some point in the future you'll be able to look back and judge for yourself, we're just passing along that history that we've already personally collected. You'll even notice that we don't agree.

Not sure I understand the comment regarding the 'crack about you anemones' or your inexperience.

Enjoy your tank.
I have not enjoyed the wise crack about my anemones, or my inexperience.

You`ll have to help me out on this one. I have read this thread three times and see nowhere on it where someone was making fun of your anenome or your inexperience. I saw where a couple of they guys were talking about life for anenome before the advent of T5`s and MH`s but his point was we made it before then with power compacts. I dont see anywhere where someone is talking bad about your anenome. If you could point out where they are talking about your inexperience I`ll be glad to address the issue but I just dont see it. You`ve asked a good question and it looks like you got some good answers.
Well, I am have been inexperienced and you all have taught me some valuable information... I am certainly not keeping my anemone's uner 2" of water. Althought like many condy's the do move around, but the are up on rocks. Now I know they are not in the "perfect situation", I was trying with what I had.

Mine you I have spent almost $100 on flourecents that the LFS recommended trying to upgade to do what is best for the animals and organizims. I am not a person that would ever harm an animal( ok ants and snakes... can't stand them)

Through this thread I learned that yes I could get advice, but the 2" in the water comment was over the top.. albeit I may be a bit sensitive considering I am trying my best at something that is new to me. No one is perfect the first day.

Now, even though I already purchased the compact lighting fixture could someone at least tell me I did the right thng.
In all fairness you should go back and read it again. The comment was directed at thincat when he insinuated that an anemone would never make it with PC's. Mind you T-5's and MH's haven't been around longer than people have been keeping anemones in aquariums. Mine seems very happy (or was anyway)

He then shot back that they must have been kept in 2 inches of water (quite the sense of humor on him at MY expense!).

It helps to remember that at any given time you are reading a running dialog that may veer off course one or more times along the way, may expand into other topics and will with out a doubt get many varied opinions along the way.

Pick out what you want, throw the rest away. If I took offense everytime someone disagreed with me I'd just be a old miserable SOB...

Hey , wait a minute ! Things are starting to make sense now...

Anywho.. Enjoy (no offense) :)
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The 2 inches of water was not meant for you. It was talking about the PC`s before T5`s and MH`s. It was not directed to you. That`s the way I understood it. As far as your lighting I really dont know. Anenome`s need plenty of intensity that you get from T5`s and MH`s. Your anenome will move to a spot that will be good for him and most likely will be on the top of your rocks close to the lighting. Power compacts are the least of the power lighting when it comes to intensity. It goes from PC to VHO`s to T5`s and then to MH`s.
I was looking at a metal hylide system, but I was told that it needed to be hung from the ceiling. I rent and can not put holes in the ceiling. I apreciate the two of you "calming me down" I am really flustered with this entire lighting system. I am also work on a limited budget ( not to force anyone to hear my story, but my family is living on one paycheck. I have been disabled for aver 2 years, and waiting for disability to give me a hearing date for benefits. This was a hobby we thought we could start to give me some enjoyment, not stress. Up untill this light thing I was doing ok... so I thought. I am reading LOTS of books from the library, and a lot from the internet. My hopes were to hold off on spending the money until my disability checks kicked in. I now know it is a priority, so other expenses have gone on hold.

I do know you are all out to help with your best intentions. I am sorry if I took the joking seriously. However I do love my anemones, and I do take good care of them.. although I might end up shorrt on the light end.
melissa, The crack about 2" of water was directed at Captahab and not to you. If it offended you I am sorry. It was not meant toward you. We all love our animals and I would never run anyone down.
Wow, that's alot of typing before my first cup of coffee.
Melissa, it's good you understand, all the advice is great. You are in good hands, I have learned quite a bit about the hobby (and still am) from the folks that are posting.
Keep in mind, we (mentors/mods/admins) watch the threads and make sure folks aren't getting picked on or abused.
Is there any way you can take the nems back? I know you love them but my concern is that if they die, they can nuke your tank and possibly wipe it out. I have seen this happen and good folks get discouraged from this wonderful hobby.
With that being said, hang in there and we will help as much as we can!
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