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Jan 5, 2012
Joshua, Tx
My LFS told me I needed to put a little more sand in my tank... Well I forgot and started addin water already... So I stopped and added more sand before this the water was clear now it's sandy like... Will this die down during the cycle process?
At the time I added the sand it had 25 gallons on it now it it completely full w about 40 gallons
What type of filter are you using? I usually leave the filter off for a little while until the bigger particles settle a little bit so it doesn't damage my pump. If possible use some floss to take out the little stuff and polish the water. It might take a day or so but it will be crystal clear.
I did turn off the pump for a out 4 hours while I was away from home and most died down and I turned it back on before going to bed... It's still Lil cloudy this morning but not as bad..,, what is floss exactly?

This is the filter I am using... My LFS told me that be my best bet over the crazy canister things I have because they are so out dated
i uses a aquaclear 70 on my 25 gallon tank, however I just got a Reef Octopus BH-1000 Protein skimmer to help out. I thought and was told that with my size tank the aquaclear would be all i needed for filtration ofther then Live rock but it just simply isnt true at least for me.
He actually recommended the 110 but I didn't have the money for that so went w the 70 for now
The 110 isn't needed all the filter does is removes particles in the water so they aren't floating around. It won't work as filtration like it does in freshwater.
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