Save the bettas

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Jul 14, 2013
I can never understand how this is not animal abuse. I make a point of complaining every time I find Betas this way. No animal should be treated this way. I signed the petition and shared it on Facebook.
I tried using the dog example to explain this to my friend and he shrugged it off
I found that type of situation at Petsmart too. Almost no water in tiny cups. I saw a very pretty pink betta and almost bought it but it was so sick looking and I didn't want to encourage that type of behavior. I did complain but it was shrugged off. Hopefully if enough people complain this will eventually change.
Unfortunantly, I don't think anything will ever happen. Even if Walmart stops selling bettas, Petco and Petsmart will. It comes from a lack of education. For example, a gas station was selling a m/f pair of guppies in a little tiny vase that couldn't have been more than three cups of water. These 'save the bettas' threads pop up all the time, but until everyone knows that this is not suitable for bettas, I don't think anythings gunna happen :(
I agree but spreading the word about how cruel it is may change some minds and lead to better care for the fish. I always try to follow the saying "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing". Hopefully by trying to educate others on fish care and complaining when we see such things, it will eventually make a difference.
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