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Jan 2, 2004
Dallas, TX
I got on tonight to tell my story and give praise, kudos and anything else I can to Scuba_Steve, and then I read that he was offering someone 35 gallons of water that he had mixed to help them out of a jam. That made my little sand story seem like nothing, but I will tell it anyway.

I just got some consulting work up in Chicago and thought I could find some of that wonder sand that does not exist in Dallas. So I put out the word I was looking in Chicago and Keith,(I will stop calling him Steve) responded that he would help me get some since he lives close to down town. I said thanks, I need three bags, but I will have to take a cab to get it. Keith says no way, that would cost too much, let me bring it to you. So I thought maybe a five or ten minute drive, nope- 40 Minute one way!

Long story short, Keith brings me three bags, but since I am flying I can only take home one at a time. Guess what? He offers to hold onto the other two bags until I come back and can take them home. So far I have one, but next week I will get the other two. Keith is a truly great person, and I am glad I got the chance to meet him, even if it was for 60 seconds on the streets of Downtown Chicago.

Keith if you read this, I owe you dinner and drinks (Sorry but it has to be downtown since I am only on foot) whenever you can swing it! Thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

He seem like a cool guy. Thats a bit above and beyond, how nice!!
1000 kudos, thats gotta be a record.
So your telling me Scuba_Steve is actually KEITH!! Very intersting...and I thought that was him in his old avatar, wow he's an enigma...
A 1000 kudos is not a record. After scrolling throught the kudos transaction, all 30+ pages I found 4 transactions where a 1000 kudos have been given and the record was 2631 from d9hP to fishfreek.

man I have to much time on my hands

I wonder whats on TV
whata great gut guy
i dont think i have 1000 kudos but ill give you alot of what i have
Three cheers for scuba steve (y) (y) (y)
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