Sebae anemone

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Well he's attaching again, don't know what was up with him for about a a day, guess he wanted to kick his foot up and relax lol


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Are you sure? Cause that's exactly what it looked like when I bought, which is why I bought it, are you sure the pic you put up isn't a different type?
I am 100% positive the pic I posted is a sebae anemone. It's been in my tank about 7-8 yrs now. ;)
Read this and look at the pics.
It's in a 15g with a 20watt fluorescent until I can get my 30 running and my light comes in at my lfs
That's not even close to enough light which is why it's white and bleached. The color an amenone gets comes from the zooxanthellae which live inside the anemone and feed (photosynthesize) off the powerful lighting and in turn feed the anemone. A white anemone means it has little to none zooxanthellae.
hello to make it simple and cost effective; all you require is a T8 power glo (18,000k) intensity bulb. specs super bright lighting, strong blue spectral range, supports photosynthetic corals, inverts and other marine life. cost only 19.99 at local fish store. this is a recommendation from a saltwater fish store and my carpet anemone is green/pink and sebae is beige w/purple tips.
Alright thanks guys, I already planned on getting a light before I bought it, it's just that my lfs said it would be there in a couple of days and it's been almost 2 and a half weeks, so I planned on getting the light somewhere else but they don't give refunds so I just have to wait
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