Sedona Series Wood Stand

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Aug 19, 2007
Does anyone here own this stand in either the natural or red oak color? If so, could you please post up some of your own pictures of it? The only pictures of it I can find is the single stock photo, and I cannot find it anywhere locally to take a look at it.

Thanks in advance. :D
I have one, I don't have any pics of it on my work computer but I will post some when I get a chance. I have a 55 gallon red oak stand and canopy. They are very nice, BTW!
I look forward to it...that is exactly what I wanted to see. Thanks!
sorry guys! I met some friends for dinner last night and forgot! I'm at my OTHER work tomorrow so can definitely post then. Ack!
OK here are pics! First with flash and second without. Hope this helps. I really like the look of the stand and canopy and it is quite solid.


No kidding! Newfound if you ever get tired of that stand I'll be glad to take it off your hands! :)
I got very it on Ebay for $250 (with the old lights in the thread that rkilling linked). I think eventually I will move the 30g reef tank into this tank and buy a drilled tank (this one is very scratched) and move the planted tank into a 75. I like the stand so much i'm hesitant to sell it even though I don't really like 55s. But all that is down the road after I finish my thesis anyway!
Wow! That is a gorgeous stand!

I know you changed your lighting - is the first pic your new lowered lighting and the second pic of your higher lighting? That second pic is bright. If they are different lights, can you post which pic has which wattage?
The pics are the same tank the first pic the camera's flash is on, second it is off. I was trying to show how the stand looked so i posted both shots.

I didn't change the wattage on the tank anyway, it still has 2x96 watts. I went from 1 6700K and 1 10000K to 2 50:50 (10000K/actinic) to reduce the "plant available" wattage. The intensity is the same. The tank is bright; but it doesn't really look like the second pic, that was just the camera struggling with the weird lighting!
Thanks - that helps a lot as I plan out my lighting (and stand) purchases! I did wonder if the picture difference had to do with the photography and flash or the tank lighting!
Thank you for the pictures!! I like the stand, and your aquarium, a lot!!
I also have that exact same stand, but I have a 60 gallon tank. It is 4 inches taller than a 55 gallon. I'll take a couple of pictures of it today.
Here are a few pictures of my 60 gallon tank. The camera wouldn't work to good without the flash.



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