Seio Aquarium Water Pump

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I hooked mine up last night and I can say I was a bit dissappointed as well. I left the diffuser on so I might try taking it off and seeing what it does. I will have to figure out what mounting pieces to use. This thing has a bunch :)

I am running 2 maxijet 1200, a dual outlet JBJ and this Seio 620. I had hoped to lose a Maxi with this one but I don't know yet.
I just changed mine so it runs like the Tunze pumps. Took me about 20 minutes to get it running again. It would just hum and do nothing. Reminds me of the Rio 2800SS I have that does not work any more.

I did get it running and it does seem to flow more but does not seem like 620 gph by no means. Oh well...
I remember reading that because these pumps do not have a high velocity (jet stream) that they appear/feel like they are not putting out as much as a MJ 1200. But if you consider the mass amount of water being pushed, it does put out the specified gph. It just disperses the flow in a much wider pattern...
Hopefully you are correct. It upset me that it would not start back up after I unplugged it. I would definately not put it on a wave timer.
Mine has officially died. I am going to try and get a replacement. It has locked up and I have tried cleaning the shaft with vinegar. No luck :(
No wavemaker for me. I had read that it was not recommended. I am going to send it back to get another. I really liked the water movement when it worked. It did not feel very strong but after seeing the flow in the tank, it was pretty good.
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