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May 16, 2002
On the night of Sunday March 13th, we will hold a six and half hour maintenance window from 10:30 PM EST (Monday, 4:00 AM GMT) until Monday 5:00 AM EST (10:00 AM GMT). During that time, our server will be moved to its new home. The new datacenter is only 2 miles away so downtime should be minimized. This is going to be a complete and total outage. There is always the potental for problems and this is why we will be making backups of the AA files and database's. If all goes well AA will be back online by 6:00am Monday the 14th. If things dont go well then....lets just say it will be a very busy Monday morning for some of us.

An e-mail reminder will be going out to all registered members on Sunday March 13th about this move.
Oh no! What am I going to do if I can't get my AA fix in the middle of the night :wink:

Ok seriously, I hope it all goes well. We moved our entire data center at my work (about 50 servers) last December. We only lost one drive. Luckily it was in an array so it was easy to replace.

Good Luck!
Only for those that only access the irc chat via the java appelet on the site. It will still be accessible through mIRC or other IRC clients.
hear that people!? Use mIRC for chatting Sunday!

I hope all goes well as I am sure it will.
As kevin stated the only sites affected will be AA and a few of our personal sites. The hosting server will NOT be affected. The hosting server is where we are selling web space, as well as the location for the other pet advice network sites.
Why is the server being moved?

The datacenter is moving all their servers to a new facility that will provide for better support. Basically a small headache to prevent large headaches in the future. This is not a sever move as in we are moving to a new server. The server that our site is on, is being physically moved a couple miles down the road.
one final bump. 2 hours and then im shutting her down in preperations for the move. We "SHOULD" be back online by 5am.
Looks like everything went well. I got on at 5:45 EST and everything appears to be working well. :)

Well done!!
(y) (y) (y) (y) :band: :band: :band: (y) (y)

As best I can tell we where down for a total of 2 hours only. I shut the system down at 10:30pm eastern and we appear to have come back online at 12:30 eastern.
Wow missed this thread......I guess I was beating and kicking on my computer for nothing last night..... :wink:
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