should i hang onto this hob filter?

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Apr 26, 2012
Its a penguin 330 I do believe. Its got the adjustable flow (raise or lower the tube). Missing the bio wheels, might be able to find the bio wheel brackets, and I don't have the top for it. Its also got a crack that leaks onto the floor. Can I superglue the crack. I also have the strainer for the intake.


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I think that you should get a new filter, with the money you are going to spend in cartridges , bio wheels, and super glue you can get a new filter, 29.99 plus free shipping n amazon, and use the one you have for parts.

Edit: You can "superglue the crack" but no one can guarantee you that it will last long
Ok thanks. I might try some super glue. I already have some. I don't use the 330 n e more. I already bought a 350 off amazon for $30. Good deal if u ask me. Was thinking of puttin it on my 46 bowfront for extra filtration. Or putting it in my 20 to get it up and going. I can always put bio sponge or something else in there. My 350 takes the same filters as my 330 so no problems there
Superglue didn't work. Dang it man lol. What about some type of silicone? Can someone help me out?
You can use silicone and the on the side that dosent come into contact with water you can use knead it its a putty that binds to plastic that goes rock hard make sure uyou use the correct silicone and massage it in to get gopd contact
Thanks monkey and mumma for the info. Do u know what kind of silicone or epoxy I would use that is not toxic to the fish?
Thanks again mumma. Prob gonna try the silicone. I had a thought about melting the plastic back together. I'm pretty good at it lol. Yea, I'm gonna try the silicone first. Thanks
Well I never got any silicone. But I did have a lighter handy! Softened up the plastic and moved it around with a flat head screw driver to cover the crack. Then melted a couple plastic spoons over it. Talk about sounding like a hillbilly but hey, it doesn't leak. Don't have bio wheels or the covers for it but o'well. It can be my backup or I can throw new filters in it and put it in the 46 bowfront for added filtration. Kinda worried bout my betta bein able to come up for air though
Well I put it on my 46 for added filtration plus to seed it with bb so I can put it into my 20
I would keep watch on it. The plastic you melted may be brittle and crack due to the vibrations from the motor. Yes, it may not be leaking now, but I have visions in my head of it recracking in the middle of the night and leaking all over the floor. That would be my luck.

IMHO I would replace it ASAP, but I always tend to err on the side of caution. You can keep the filter media and use it to seed the new one.
Well it started leaking today. I just melted it some more and its not leaking once again lol. Can't wait to get a new one
Superglue didn't work. Dang it man lol. What about some type of silicone? Can someone help me out?

GE 1 silicone For Windows and Doors. (At any Lowes and Home Depot)

DO NOT USE Kitchen and Bath.
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