Should I switch to T5's?

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Dec 5, 2004
I currently have VHO's (2x36")

Wondering if I should stick with them or make the switch to T5's. I have the Ice Cap 660 so all I need are the endcaps.
Only concern I have is the VHO's have built in reflectors, My canopy is just white so If I got with the T5's I surely need a reflector as well, correct? I know ideal would be to use a reflector at all times, just need to take cost into consideration.

Without a reflector, or even better individual reflectors for each lamp, the PAR(photosynthetically available radiation) reaching the tank will probably be close to or the same as VHO's, maybe even a little lower. Reflectors are very important in the overalll performance of lighting systems. IMO, I'd stick w/ VHO. Is MH an option? Retro kits are fairly cheap.
I use VHO`s also and I use the URI bulbs that have built in reflectors. I dont know but maybe they have T5`s with built in reflectors. I really dont know. Moved to General Hardware and equipment discussion.
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