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Mar 9, 2008
Well, I didn't see any thread like this anywhere else here so I figured, why not start one? I'll start with all my past bettas first, R.I.P:

First off is Azriel, he died of bloat just 2 days ago, he had been bloated for 3 weeks and no matter what I tried I couldn't get him through. Luckily his legacy lives on in his 2 babies.

Next is Melanion, lost him last year.

And this is Altan, lost him last year as well.

Here are my females:

Kenda, momma of the babies and Azriels mate.

Sauda, was going to breed her with Melanion but she jumped into the filter, one reason I dislike Whispers.

Suri, I had a failed breeding with her and Altan, he just didn't dig her, he liked Sauda more.

My little white seamed girl, she didn't have a name, got her in the begining of January and I found her in the filter as well, and some in the main tank.
And now for my current boys, pretty much all of my recent bettas are nameless because the person that used to come up with the most excellent names for my fish went MIA.

My copper DRCT boy, really reclusive and likes to stay at the top of the tank, out of reach of the camera. He has been dubbed "Waldo" because of his joy of hiding.


And this is my orange male, he got beaten up badly by a kribensis and he never healed right, this was 3 months ago. This is an old picture of him, never have gotten a decent picture of him that shows his real orange since he got beaten up.


Here is my Copper Redwash VTDT, quite a mellow fellow, would only flare at his own reflection, he was successfully kept with another male in a 29 gallon, but this all depends on the individual fish.


Here is my newest boy, he is a steel offbranch of a sort, got him last weekend, an OHMDT or HMDT, or somewhere in between those.


And now for my current females and babies! Also nameless:(

I'll start with oldest first, here are the "baby" bettas from Azriel and Kenda.



Here are my red Cambodian and my opaque girls, both really mellow since I introduced the latest three but the opaque still rules the tank, but is uber mellow about it.


Next is Gertrude, big female is currently second in command of the tank.


This is my green/blue/red girl, she is just a regular sorority girl though she beats any that oppose her.



And here is my little purple girl, second to last to the "baby" fish, though they are equal in size.

Very nice bettas. They are all gorgeous. I have a hard time getting decent pics of my bettas but here they are.

My red halfmoon

My favorite is my crowntail. He has such personality.


Those are really nice bettas Zagz! I love the blue double double ray, hard to find those around here.:D
Wow, where do you guys get such great Bettas? Crowntails are less common in the big chain pet stores, and colors are so dull compared to what you're showing us. Great pictures.
I get mine from mainly Petco and Petsmart, the females at least. My others, the more fancy ones, were at my smaller LFS's. Mine are nothing compared to the plakats that one of my friends in Wisconsin got from one of their LFS, but she also has had some of the coolest Thai breed HM coppers and such.
Very beautiful bettas! I am definitely going to have to get some better pictures of mine. In the mean time, here's La Petite aka Pete:


Betta Fry at 10 and 20 Days

Hi. Don't know if I posted these previously. If I did, my apologies for the duplication. I searched, but could not find. - Frank


Those are excellent pics Frank. I remember seeing them long ago but well worth reposting IMO.

I lucked out and got my crowntail and a local lfs. The half moon I ordered in from a breeder.
Excellent images! Those beat any of mine that I took by far! What camera and lens were you using for those?

Pete looks great, he has really long fins compared to the VT's that I see around here.:D
Thanks! :) I got Pete from PetSmart. I've also had a female betta (Henrietta) and a male betta (Lil' Red) in the past. I think I got both from Wal-mart. . . the female came from Wal-mart at least anyway.

What do you all feed your bettas out of curiosity? I feed mine betta pellets, but I'd like to pick up something else to feed him. I was thinking either freeze dried blood worms or freeze dried shrimp. I'd do frozen, but I only have him and don't want to overfeed.

Guppyman--those pics are awesome! I've never seen a betta fry before, and I didn't realize that was what they were at first!
Equipment Used

Excellent images! Those beat any of mine that I took by far! What camera and lens were you using for those? :D
Hi, Jacko. TY for the compliment. The camera is a Canon 1Ds. The lens was the Canon MP-E 65mm macro. Two Canon 550 EX flashes were also used. I'm sure I shot a 30 day pic. Will have to check my library. If I find it, I'll add it. - Frank

big red male


his girl


them courting


the embrace


new male.. bad pic.. is a butterfly spade tail.. and going to mate him with a half wild type female.. no pics of her
Well, I don't breed my Bettas, but I do have a few of them, so i figured i'd show them off! :)

My Handsome Boy (sorry, not the best pictures):


And My pretty Girls:


And my last lady wouldn't let me get a good picture, so here's a couple (crappy) one of her head and one of her body:


Thanks for looking!

And I just wanted to say that you all have some absolutely stunning bettas! :)
My big red male passed away two days ago, so I decided to go out and buy 3 more.. A veil tail with deep blue/purple with a orange wash.. Who I will breed with my current female who has a similar orange/red wash..

And a pair of bright blue crown/comb tail bettas that have a lil red wash in the finage..

Will re-edit when good pictures are taken and add them later

new female... crowntail


bad picture of the marble fined crowntail male... he has yet to come out behind that leaf and eat something.. he is shy i think.. haha


my blue and orange one... i couldnt get him to flare for the camera
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