For Sale: Shrimp, cory cat fish and some plants

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Feb 22, 2012
I have a few Cory's about ten for 3$ a piece and RCS, yellow, blue bee and blue pearl shrimp all are buy 5 get one free ill list plants when I get home tomorrow and see what I need to trim. Pm me if you are all interested.
They are emerald Cory's. these are pictures of what they look like except they are bigger now.

Emeralds are actually a Brochis ( Cory cousin ), Brochis splendens. They are a larger, stockier, more boisterous version. A nice group of 8 looks great in a 55g

These need a much larger tank.

Bronze Cories , C aeneus look somewhat similar , but even they should have at least a 20g Long for floor space.

Even tiny C pygmaeus should have at least a 10-20g. IMHO

My 5.5g tanks, one has a male Betta. My other one has Shrimp. Both are planted tanks, so the plants add interest as well.
Okay, let me see how much I have left in my paypal after Tuesday and I'll let you know how many I'll need for sure
I also have a bunch of guppy grass $5 a sandwich bag full and a bunch of cabomba for $.25 a stem ranging from 5 inches on up.
Here are pics of the plants


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