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I disagree with such frequent large water changes but that's just my opinion.

BTW - Did you buy all these shrimp from the same place? Might want to try a different source and see how that goes.
W/ inverts water changes are vital, IMO, unless you test for and dose iodine, iodide, mg, etc, etc,... they require a bit more care than fish. As pointed out in another thread alk/ca balance also affects them a bit more. I have not read anything against water changes, just some disagreement as to the importance of doing them at all or how frequently. Remember, some people dose all sorts of things to replace what is lost/consumed over time, but they also test for it, therefore water changes aren't required.
Ammonia is 0, Nitrites are 0, and Nitrates are 0. Everything else is very stable too.

What would I be achieving by doing bigger waterchanges?
You would be removing more DOC's, replenishing depleted minerals, elements, etc. Also, if your using a good salt, any ionic balance issues you may have should steady- ex. alk/ca. You can't go wrong w/ water changes as long as they are done right. By doing only 15% at a time your not pulling out much waste, your just diluting it some. Your also not adding that much new salt (trace elements, minerals, etc.) b/c of the relatively small amount it takes to make up 15%. IMO, and according to a few things I've read, 20-25% at a time or don't waste the time doing it. HTH
Do you really believe changing 8 gallons instead of 5 is going to make all that difference? Nevermind the math behind it.. what does your instinct tell you?
By the way 15% is not horrible, but still alittle low-especially bi-weekly. I would do a few 20-25%, like I mentioned then bump it up to 25% bi-weekly, IMO.
Do you really believe changing 8 gallons instead of 5 is going to make all that difference? Nevermind the math behind it.. what does your instinct tell you?
Yes :wink: The math is everything!
I did buy all 3 shrimp from the same place. From the same tank, for that matter. It's the only place nearby that ever have any shrimp in stock!
If it was a bad acclimation, surely that wouldn't affect the shrimp 6 weeks after it was put in, when it was totally fine before?

Could it be possible they weren't getting enough food?
No, that wasn't the case for mine, anyway. I fed mine 3 times a week and I had the same thing happen to my shrimp as yours. Disapppeared!
Could there be something leaching into your tank, like copper. Do you have any other inverts? they would be the first to go.
I shouldn't think any copper has got in - I'm very careful with stuff like that!

No other inverts, no.
I've just put a new fire shrimp in after a 2+hour drip acclimation.

He's not as active as the other 3 were though! As soon as I put some food in, the others ran around and jumped up and down frantically. My new one wandered out briefly last night but didn't seem particularly interested. Tonight, he barely moved from his spot on the back of the rock.

Do other peoples' shrimp go mad when food is put in the tank? Or do they just differ a lot? I hope he's getting enough food! No reason to tell really is there.
It means shedding the external layer so growth can take place.
My Fire Shrimp seems to be doing ok (touch wood!). But, I never see him eating anything.

When I feed my fish, he goes crazy (jumping around etc.) but never seems to get any food.

He's constantly wandering about all day but I never see him with any food!

Should I be feeding him something?
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