Silicate and copper problems

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Scotty Fraiser

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Mar 18, 2013
According to a water test Svc. My silica is testing 1 mg/l. Copper is testing .09 mg/l. Doing a 15 percent water change every 14 days. Tank is about 4 years old and these tests are consistent. I am using a rodi unit and an auto top off. Changed all filters in unit a couple months ago. Running brs Gfo in a reactor. Changing 2 cups every thirty days. Any other suggestions to reduce silica and copper. My water is cruddy going into my rodi unit. 430 tds going in and around 2 coming out. When I changed all filters it dropped to 0 but was back up to two within 50 gall of filtering. Can't afford to change them weekly!!!
Where's the copper coming from? The silica can be imported in some salts and Purigen will help remove it, but the copper is a different matter. Was anything in the tank ever exposed to copper medications?

I would double check the copper test.

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No copper treatments of any kind. Always used rodi since new. Guy at water testing Svc made a special note that he checked it twice!!????
It has to be entering the system somewhere. Broken heater, something dropped into the tank, something. Copper doesn't just materialize. Although .09mg/l doesn't seem like very much.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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Tank hasn't had a heater in it since March. Is it possible rodi isn't removing all of it?
I would not suspect the RO/DI. Natural seawater has about .25ppb (billion) of copper. Not sure how that translates into .09mg/l.

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