silicone curing time

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MacDracor said:
Try keeping it someplace warm and dry.

thank you but i was doing that then i read it cures slower in dry air so who knows its been quite a few days now i don't mind waiting i guess lol
Marquis said:
Still smells :(

Have you tried rinsing with water? I mean it's already dried, sometimes you just have to rinse it with water so the smell goes away.
something is wrong, silicone can't take that long to cure. either get different stuff or use the weld on 16 that rick and I told you about.
I agree. Even in suboptimal conditions, it should be fine by now. If you're still smelling vinegar, then I think you got a bad batch. I'd clean it off and try either the weldon or superglue.
Undoubtedly, weld-on is the perfect choice because it fuses the acrylic at a molecular level, essentially making it one piece. But superglue is pretty amazing stuff, and safe to use even underwater (provided you don't squirt it on your fish).
It didnt cure bc the air was not getting into the inside if it was just a bead along the seem of a tank it would cure fine I don't want the bond to be permanent but just curious is crazy glue the same as super glue?
MacDracor said:
If you don't want a permanent bond, drill holes and use a plastic bolt and nut.

Thats a good idea there is holes from where the person I bought it off used metel bolts
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