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Jul 9, 2004
Winnipeg, Canada
just checking to see what size of pump I'm needing to put in my sump.

It's about 3.5' from the top of the tank,
50 g tank with a 10 g sump.

any brand names to look for? THanks
What is the overflow rated for? Depending on that, a MAG 7 should do nicely unless you want to eliminate powerheads from in the tank altogether. Then you may want to look at a MAG 950 or even a closed loop in addition to the sump.

canisters are an example of closed loop. Sumps are an example of open loop.
closed loops have a fixed amount of water in them.
i've decided to run my sump from my basement. what type of tubing do you guy's use? Anything I should know before setting this up?
ok if you are going to run the sump from the basement you may want to think about going BIG with the sump. You can use a 100 Gal rubbermaid tub 69 bucks. they make perfect sumps since the have the bulkheads built in. you can use a Sequence 3600SEQ12 (depending on the head i.e distance to the tank) to pump the water back to the tank via 1.5 flex pvc. the pump is only 159 bucks.

i have about a 10' head to the top of the tank. i was thinking about running a mag 2100. i was told that's enough?? probably a stupid question but what does 1.5 stand for when you say "1.5 pvc tubing"?
sorry 1 and 1/2 inch.. It's like a really thick pool hose.

Are you going with a bigger sump then 10 gal?

I don't think they make a MAG 2100 I may be wrong. They do have a 2400 which will give tou 1100 GPH at ten feet but it is 265 watts. They are also 1" output which will force the water out with much more pressure then 1.5" pipe will. Which may kick up some sand.

The sequence is an external pump and it runs ate 165 watts sequence.htm
sorry. i meant a mag 1200, not 2100. If i run this at a 10' head would this work? In a 50 g tank would i still need a powerhead for more water flow or is this enough?
could anybody help me with this one. the specs are above. much appreciated. I have a feeling that the 1200's not enough pump.
As was posted by CBRGuy the link to marinedepot shows the mag 12 as having a 15' head limit. At 10' head you can expect close to 600GPH output.
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