sizing pics w/fireworks?

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Dec 21, 2003
Lincoln, NE
we switched from photoshop awhile ago and I am trying to change my avatar and when I try it comes back file too big. Does anyone use fireworks that can tell me how to make the file small enough to post? I have the pixel size smaller then what is required and still can't get it please help me so I don't kill my computer.
It means the size of the file itself.. not the image dimensions. What type of file are you saving it as?
It automaticly saves as a png. file instead of jpg. like photoshop did. I am a computer idiot so I hope that is what you mean. Is there some way I can save it differently?
I'm not familiar with Fireworks but isn't there a Save As.. option where you can choose?

If you like you can email the file to me and I'll try and fix it for you.
Sorry, don't know anything about fireworks, as Atari has already mentioned, if you can size it to the demensions you want, you should be able to save as (under the file menu) and choose .jpeg in the save box, it should compress to whatever the default is for that progeam. Another option would be a free program called infranview, which allows you to resize and optimize your pics.

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