Skimmer cup filling with water!

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Sep 6, 2003
Lake Crystal Minnesota
I cleaned my skimmer pump with vinegar to get all the calcium condensation off of it and now that I put it back in, the skimmer is putting too much water through and it is filling up the cup. SHould I just wait for it to return to normal or is there something I can do? By the way I have not added anything like stress coat or anything so that isn't the cause.

What kind of skimmer? I only ask cause the one I have has a "valve" that I can turn and adjust the flow rate of the water through it, the faster the water the lower the level, the slower the water the higher the level.
Also check how you inject "bubbles/air" into the system. You could have a clogged hose or even one that came off (mine goes into the inlet side of the pump via a venturi, if the air line gets pinched or comes loose I will overflow the cup)
It sounds like the flow it too high or the cup is too low. Look for an adjustment valve or try raising the cup.
I'd say too much flow, or hte cup is too low. Again, post the skimmer make/model so we can more accurately diagnose the issue.
It is an aquaclear skimmer. There is no flow regulator for the pump and my air hose is not pinched going into the venturi. It seems to happen after I clean the skimmer. Why would that be?? it old? I ask because I can't see on Hagen .com (aquaclear manufacturer) where they even make protein skimmers. All I see are an aquaclear skimmer and a fluval skimmer - which are surface skimmers...not protein skimmers.
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