Skimmer's pump and return pump together? Is it ok?

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Mar 18, 2005
New York
Would it be ok that a skimmer inside a sump's pump stays on the same side as the sumps return pump? The reason I ask is b/c I have a compact sump and skimmer but limited room to have the pumps on different sides. Would it be ok that they stay on the same side? Thanks
you can't run some longer tubing to place the skimmer pump at the input side of the sump? are you gonna have your output of your skimmer at the end of the sump as well? If so you are gonna put alot of bubbles back into your sump close to the return pump and potentially send a lot of bubbles back to the display tank. something to consider.

Mine is that way. I have skimmer,heater and return pump in the same section. No problem here
Here is my suggested setup. I have the MAG7 along with the CA1800 for the skimmer on the same side. Nothing can fit on the same side of the skimmer besides a 400gph PH. Any suggestions? Thanks
Do you have enough room to plumb the skimmer on the outside.....that skimmer is taking up ALOT of room in the sump.
I guess I will have to make room to plumb it on the outside I just figured it would be more easier all compacted in the sump. What do you think is the best way to make a hole in my sump and to plumb it? Thanks
use a forstner bit if you have one of buy just the bit itself for the diameter size of your required tubing. Hard to say what your best option is to plumb it without seeing your stand and available space. if you can, place the pump at the input of your sump and run the plumbing up and out with you flex hose. Then you need to find room to place your skimmer. If it needs to be higher, for space limitations, you can just run the return over the lip of the sump then straight down. If it is on the same level, you need to drill it, it's acrylic right? Hope so... much easier, never drilled glass before. Then you need to buy the appropriate bulkhead to fit into your newly drilled hole. Remember that you will be drilling for bulkhead size not necessarily for you PVC size, depending on the bulkhead. Now if your skimmer ends up elevated, which is fine, it will need a much bigger pump than the powerhead you have. It looks like a good size skimmer, a bigger pump would be nice. Check it's recommended flow capacity.

Take a look at the pics in the above posts I have pics of everything in my tank. I was thinking just plumping the outlet of skimmer into the sump and the pump can go on the side the water enters. take a look. I just wanted to know best parts to get to make the hole and place tube w/o any leaks. i would just need a PVC pipe in the hole straight to the skimmer.
yep. I've looked at the sump. my last post does explain how you need to go about doing this as far as plumbing is concerned. Yes, your skimmer pump will go right where the water enters the sump. Because the top is open, you don't need to plump anything for the skimmer input, just go straight up into the skimmer. Like i said, you'll most likely need a bigger pump. Then you need to decide exactly where to locate the skimmer, and then drill the acrylic for the size of the "bulkhead" you want to use. The bulkhead will be a fitting that fits through the hole you drilled and will have a male and female fitting accompanied with a rubber "o-ring" that wil stop the hole from leaking. Now, you should be left with a threaded inside of the bulkhead that will accept a male threaded PVC fitting of the decided diameter you chose. Thread that badboy in using teflon tape, maybe some PVC glue if it leaks and you are away to the races...

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