Small HOB fuge, DSB or no?

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Oct 4, 2003
I just got the largest HOB fuge I could find. It is 24.5x4.5x12 and will be on my 72g reef tank. The tank only has a 1-2" sand bed. I know I want to grow some macro in the fuge but would a DSB in that small of a fuge help or just tank up valuable space?
Whatcha using for macro algae? I recommend chaeto. I'm thinking 2" might be fine for the fuge. We'll see what others think.
I will be using chaeto and possibly some grassalaria.

The problem is..... I don't think 2" will provide a anerobic area to break down nitrates. I just don't to deal with nitrate issues with this tank. It's the first tank I didn't use a DSB in.
Your Macro will take care of the nitrates. I dont have a deep base to mine. I grow Grape calerpa in mine and nitrates stay around 0. Be careful with calerpa as people say it will go sexual. I think the reason mine has not is because I prune mine for the main(Tangs) and keep Fuge lights on 24/7. Also do you have a skimmer which will take care of DOC.
I've been contemplating the same thing w/ my fuge. My thinking is with no sand in the fuge that's one less place for detritus and nutrients to accumulate. I have about 20lbs of rock so the LR pieces/rubble should provide enough "nooks and crannies" for micro-fauna and keep the macro's in place.
I think the amount of rock you can fit in the fuge should dictate whether or not to use a sand bed for more surface area. Hope that helps.
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