Small tank heater suggestions (25w or -)

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Mar 21, 2006
New Bern, NC
I already checked out the "Product & Retailer Reviews" & have one lead on a heater to check out. Looking for anymore suggestions.

The heaters are needed for my 4 2-2.5gal tanks. Each houses a single male betta.

Already tried Jr. heaters (7.5w) & don't want to try any other preset heater that works off the room temp. My room is cold & it stays that way because I like it.

I tried an Elite hanging 25w heater, & that was just a mess. I couldn't get it set right so it ended up holding steady at around 85F. Don't know part of the problem was caused by the heater simply being to high a wattage.

My 10gal has a visi-therm deluxe that I really like & the pet store carries in 25w, so I could actually set the temp where I want it. Unfortunetly their $26 a pop so i've really like to check out some other options.

Thanks for any ideas!


I checked out a few places & they had them for pretty close to the pet store price.

Heck, i'll probably order all 4 at a time.
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