sodalite aquarium safe?

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Feb 26, 2016
I just picked up a really nice piece of sodalite at the local gem/mineral store, its a really handsome stone that looks great when wet, which got me thinking about using it in a tank.

Does anyone have any experience with this mineral and do you think its safe for the aquarium?
I looked it up and couldn't see an issue with the mineralogy.

Only thoughts would be if it has sharp edges and if it can absorb/release anything. On quick reading this looked low as it said association with pyrites was rare (well Wikipedia said anyways).
I found a couple of quotes that said it is made up of sodium aluminum silicate and even chlorine and to avoid putting it in tanks.
Well it wouldn't be the first time a vendor sold pet products that weren't safe for pets.
It sounds like it is probably safe but I think I am going to save myself the headache by keeping it out of the tank and on my windowsill instead.
So, I have a decent variety of real semi precious stones in my various tanks. I would not worry at all about sodalite. It is decently hard, and anything that could ever leach out of it would be so slow that it wouldn't make a difference, doubly especially if you do even semi consistent water changes. I have never had any sort of issues in my tanks from it.
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