Solution for long hair algae

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Well by the time my algae is gone my other 30 gallon tank will be cycled and I an put a couple in there or give a couple to some friends.
Leighton79 said:
I'm not quite sure I understand what you are asking. Alk, cal and mag are related, but it's mag that makes cal available. Therefore when everybody bangs on about "I can't get my cal up" mag is usually the culprit. However that's a whole different matter. With such a large acceptable range (8-12 maybe even 13) I don't accept that alk without cal is useless at all. Mind you you should really have all 3 kits if you are keeping a reef anyway.

K thanks!
Its been almost a week since I added a pair of clowns to my tank. I know they say two weeks in between fish but my ammo and trites are 0, can I add another fish?
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