Some more pics of my tank....

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Feb 8, 2006
Mount Laurel, NJ
I thought I would take a few more pics of the tank now that the anemone is gone and my corals (that it was stinging) have healed and are growing again. Anyway here we go.

This is the yellow digitata that was right next to the anemone. I thought I was going to loose it, it was badly stung but as you can see it has come back nicely.

This is the purple digitata that was near the anemone and was stung though not as bad as the yellow had been.

Some acros. The one in the forground (purple) has really colored up since I changed to the 14K bulbs. Lindsay if you see these, the acros in the back ground, those are the little frags I told you about months ago that I had for you. They are growing like mad now.

My lovely frogspawn. Gonna have to frag it soon.

My green w/yellow rim monti caps. I love these corals. When I got them from BRK they were barely the size of a frag disk.

What can I say about this. Galexea!

Nemo has decided to take up residence in my Trachyphyllia, it doesn't seem to mind and infact seems to inflate better when nemo is rubbing around in it. I've had this coral for almost a year now and it has done beautifully in the tank.

These are a recent purchase off ebay. I was very impressed with this guys packaging!

FTS - 8/22/07
Very nice Ziggy. I particularly like the purple Acro and the Galexia
Very awesome! Did you get your ebay coral from Duane? I ordered a blasto frag from him that was really nice. :)

Awesome tank! I still am going to make that trip to BRK soon as I can get some money to buy stuff with. I want a green monti cap. Are all of his frags comparably priced? Like $10 to $20?
They range from $5.00 to $50 ($50 is for the ORA frags) Most of the coral I have gotten at BRK I have paid $20 or less for. The Green Monti cap you see in my tank I paid $9.95 for each of them. The Orange/red Monti I paid $5 for.
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