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Jun 19, 2005
All the warnings about dwarf angels in a reef, and I just couldn't resist anymore! I was at That Fish Places annual sale (should be called 'annual zoo' it was so busy, I waited an hour and a half in line to pay), and just HAD to get the flame angel at 20% off. So, I couldn't resist, and time will tell if I made a mistake getting it. Flame is acclimating now, I'm crossing my fingers now.

Wish me luck!!!!
Good luck. I have tried with both a flame and a coral beauty and both were coral munchers. They do not do a lot of damage, but their nipping does casue the corals to no open. Over time this stress will do the coral in. Keep an eye on things. I ended up removing 160lbs of LR to catch my fish when it was time to go back to the LFS.
I had a flame and a keyhole and they turned out to be destroyers. they ended up killing two corals. They are in someone`s FOWLR tank now.
So far, so good. Just see it picking at the LR. No adverse reaction from corals yet.
Yeah good luck with the angel. Let me know how it does I am thinking about one for the future. Yeah I heard it was busy down there. My girlfriend waited about the same time as you did. She got there at around 8:30 and the place was packed.
Well, my clove polyps don't look so good. Think they've been 'picked at'. A bit. Well, maybe a lot. Zoos have a few polyps not fully opened, but almost all are just fine. I'm at work now, and will check tonight. See what else the little bugger got into.

Sure is a peerrty fish, though. :)
Wow... it doesn't good so good for u anymore then. Once he starts picking on those polyps, he might build up an appetite for corals. I do wish u luck with him. Mayb try feeding him more so he won't nip on other stuff
Just make sure before you do anything. It could be anything from a chem war with another coral to not so good water parameters. Be sure
Well, polyps look no worse, maybe even a bit better. All other corals look fine. Ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phospate all 0. Alh 9.6 dKH, calcium 440. So, I don't think its my parameters. Unless I should be measuring something else? Gonna keep an eye on the situation, and keep my fingers crossed.
Hope so. I haven't actually seen the flame picking at any corals, but it's quite a coincidence that the polyps went downhill right after putting the flame in. Oh, yeah, PH is 8.2.


Well, he's had quite the nighttime snack of my clove polyps. Little bugger. ;) I'll see if he touches anything else before I pull him out. Give him another day...

Anyone know how to make a good fish trap?
4 days into the "flame bugger (er, 'angel') in my reef" adventure. Other than the polyps, he's leaving everything else alone. Eat's mysis shrimp, and 'marine cuisine' fine. Still haven't given up hope!
Sounds great :D You may just have to avoid polyps but at least there is a ton of other corals to choose from.
good luck with that one, I put one in my tank and pretty much the last year of babying my corals I was just making one buffet menu for him, he was outta my tank 24 hours later. lol
Sunday night, 6 days after adding the flame, and looking great so far! The polyps are making a comback, all other corals have been left alone, and the flame is looking great!
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