Spawning Season In Full Swing

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Sep 2, 2003
Laurel Lake, NJ - USA
Greetings. The onset of the cooler weather has brought on a good spurt of spawning in my fish room. In the past week, or so, I have had spawns of:

C. weitzmani, C. duplicareus, C. ehrhardti (1st time), C. sarareensis, C. similis, C. araguaiaensis, C. venezuelanus, C. nattereri and S. barbatus.

the C. nattereri reminds me of some other nattereris, pygocentrus nattereri, nothing like your cute bunch :D.
congratulations on the spawn. I wonder if with our heated tanks and technological advances, we are depriving the fishes of natural elements. nah, they are fine. good food, great water, what more could the buggers possibly want?
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