For Sale or trade: ss220 skimmer

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I just want to know how much it's going to run me mine is 33566 if you don't mind can I get yours
Sure it's 30122 but not sure how your going to get a quote without the item your shipping I'll let you know tomorrow
Is shouldnt run me no more then 7.55 depending on how big it is... Google does wonders lol
Lol yeah I know it will be way more then that do you have any idea how big the skimmer is?
Not sure what google had to do with the price of shipping but I'll let you know what it is tomorrow. But I'm already working on something with someone so I'll let you know if it don't work out
Hi I live in Blairsville Ga. I have one skimmer but feel I can use another. So how much to me, unless you want a trip up to Blairsville, just kidding. Can I pick it up?? I gather it works well, thanks Lynda
sure you can pick it up.. thats a long drive lol almost 2 hours if you want it pm me and yes it works great
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